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Outside Scandinavia, AINMT's focus is on emerging markets. In 2015, AINMT, together with local partners, invested in Indonesia and the Philippines to develop data-only 4G networks based on low frequency bands in these countries. These two markets cover 360 million people. For AINMT this represents a fantastic opportunity which will be further developed in the coming years. AINMT is also investigating opportunities in other markets, and is aiming to cover 1bn+ people.

In 2016, there were two major developments for AINMT in in Asia. Firstly, AINMT's subsidiary in the Philippines, Broadband Everywhere, secured the exclusive right to use 10MHz in the 450MHz frequency band in the Philippines. Secondly, Indonesian authorities formally approved the adoption of tech neutrality in the country's 450MHz frequency band, where AINMT's partner PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (STI) holds 2x7.5MHz. Up until then, only 2G and 3G equipment and devices could be deployed on the 450 MHz frequency band. The decision to remove this restriction will enable STI to provide a highly improved 4G-only LTE offering to Indonesia’s inhabitants and businesses, which in turn will significantly strengthen the commercial potential of the wireless data network.

AINMT’s international target markets
AINMT is the world leader when it comes to providing wireless broadband services on low frequencies. The group has significant experience in monetizing low frequency networks in competitive markets. The characteristics of AINMT’s international target markets can be summarized as follows: 


As in Scandinavia, the cornerstone of AINMT’s international expansion plans is the utilization low frequency bands that provide superior geographical and indoor coverage plus significant cost advantages (both capex and opex). This enables AINMT to produce high quality data access cost efficiently. 

AINMT approach and objectives: